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the problem is this, O.G. wheels are 24" and use custom length spokes, making them costly.
using available parts we will build new alloy 26" wheels for the" one inch axle upgrade" and to retrofit onto O.G. axles
buy these parts
2 rims part number 14-290 from Mulero
2 boxes of spokes, stainless 10 gauge 245mm part number 58-290 from Mulero
tires and tubes and rim strips
4 W1B hubs from surplus center
2 single split lock collars from surplus center

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Step 1: Drill the rims to fit the spokes

Picture of drill the rims to fit the spokes
you must drill the rims for the spokes, the head of the spoke will not pass through so break out these bits
top to bottom
large bit is 3/8
next is 1/4 inch
smallest is a .173 also called a number 17, it is a bit larger than a  11/64 which will work in a pinch
the tool on the bottom is a burr remover, get one from any plumbing place

Step 2: Drill the largest hole first

Picture of drill the largest hole first
work carefully, see inside the hole next to the valve stem? the bit kissed the aluminum of the inner wall when it broke through, try to keep this to a minimum. this problem is why we drill the 3/8 hole first, the next bit will clean up the work.

Step 3: Drill the inner wall next

Picture of drill the inner wall next
see? the inner wall is all pretty again, the hole on the right is yet to be drilled. finish both rims this way.

Step 4: Now use the deburring tool

Picture of now use the deburring tool
this cleans up the hole so the spoke heads fit like this. burrs will also cut the innertube so be diligent.
wrsexton2 years ago
Forgive my ignorance, what is a W1B hub?
2nup350 (author)  wrsexton2 years ago
W1B hubs are machinery hubs meant to be welded into unfinished plate steel sprockets so that the sprocket can be mounted on a keyed shaft.
basically just a steel piece with a 1 inch bore and 1/4 inch keyway on the inside and machined with a step on the outside to center a gear.
fortunately for me the outside is just about perfectly sized to slip into my wheel hubs so I'm using them to adapt a wheel to the shafting rather than a gear.
ldelvalle2 years ago
Are u from the base u do amazing work
onrust2 years ago
Is that one of those "Denver" bikes?
2nup350 (author)  onrust2 years ago
Denver bike?
I don't know. these were made in Bogata Columbia
onrust 2nup3502 years ago
OH. The ones I rode, in the US, where made in Denver, Co. They where probably copied from one to another. No telling. The pedal cabs I rode where called San Diego's . That's where we copied (stole) the design from.