Step 1: Materials

If you want to make one of these here are the materials I used

Arduino Uno w/ external battery pack
Prototype board
4 AA battery holder
3 potentiometer
On/off switch
old printer cable with pins
Wood dowel 1"
3/4" plywood
PVC pipe
3 - PVC 3 way T's
2 - servos regular (converted to continuous rotation)
1 - servo low profile (also converted)
3 - Lego pully pieces
Rubber bands
Small screws
Project box

Misc shop tools(drill, saw, screw driver,wire stripper,needle nose)
Soldering equipment

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sokiboi7811 months ago
you got my Vote!

Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made mine out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)
bethmwl11 months ago
I am impressed. What an unique idea and great prototpye for next year.
Stryker (author)  bethmwl11 months ago
Thanks, keep an eye out for next years version.
grey_starr11 months ago
Got my votes!
1Dbesto11 months ago
dont worry i have it should come 1st !
pips0211 months ago
that is a brilliant idea. U must have put a lot of time and effort in tat well done!
Stryker (author)  pips0211 months ago
Thank you and don't forget to vote for me in the contests......
1Dbesto11 months ago
OMG thats brill you must be happy with ur fantastic creatiom
DemolisionWolf11 months ago
Cool idea. And your neat and clean with your electronics as well, looks good
mikeasaurus11 months ago
Too bad the servo broke and we couldn't see it in action. I think this is a very clever idea, and would love to see it revisited!
Stryker (author)  mikeasaurus11 months ago
I'll update this instructable next year when I get it working. Might need bigger servo's as well as gears because the friction between the pumpkin layers is pretty stiff. I would also like to take more time carving better faces.
mcraghead11 months ago
Oh man, this is SO COOL!!!!
Dominic Bender11 months ago
I love the idea and the application. It is the classic pumpkin with a new twist. Three actually. Turns, not twists. Thanks for sharing!