$2.74 Powerbank


Introduction: $2.74 Powerbank

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This is how to use your power tool batteries as a power bank. You will only need a few inexpensive parts.

I made one of these years ago but I got a second hand torch so I thought I'd make another to show the world.

Step 1: How to Go About It.


-A power tool you wont mind voiding the warranty on ( I have found the Dewalt 18v torch works well )

-A car charger for your phone, needs to have an input voltage range 12-24v ($1.99 online)

-Rocker switch ($0.75 online)

-A couple of scraps of wire and some adhesive or hot glue


-Sorry about the video not being well zoomed in but you should be able to work it out.

Thanks for taking a look!



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    Forgiven Tom, though months late. MT requires no price, just a "you people" commentor.


    And another instructable performance video. 3 in a row this morning. I'm so tired of being lured in, clicking on, and finding these things! Write it up or warn us in the title! It appears my Pro account is on it's last legs as I can watch you Tube for free if and when I want.



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    I just click away all those "I just want to place an ad" videos. You can't avoid that pest. Even higher quality i'bles have it. It's the price we have to pay for YT.

    Thank you for having a look at my instructions! I take it you didn't like the format I have presented it in. Having only recently bought my first computer I'm learning these things as I go!