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Introduction: 29.87 Second Underwater Camera

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I made this so I could film my cute little daughter practicing blowing bubbles under water. I was amazed that it captured sound also.

I used dish towels to hold the phone for two reasons, the first was that I was not sure if the plastic jar was water tight, I figured the cloth would catch any water before it got to my Blackberry and the second was that they worked well to hold the phone in the jar without scratching the face of my phone.

Please only use plastic for this as you should never introduce glass to a swimming pool.

The materials and complete process for the build are all in the video as I took the concept of showing someone how to do something in 30 seconds on video to be very literal. I even added a demonstration of the camera in action. I hope you enjoy this Instructable at least as much as my daughter enjoys blowing bubbles underwater!



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    Amazing idea! I know I'll be using it ;) But I'm interested, why shouldn't we use glass?

    First of all, thank you! I will answer this a couple of different ways.

    Answer 1:
    Well I was a lifeguard for eight years and swam competitively for ten. It seems that every time glass gets near a pool it gets broken. Have you ever tried to find clear glass shards in a pool full of water? You can't! The whole pool should be drained and cleaned. Some say you can just vacuum it up but I wouldn't put my little ones back in the pool after only vacuuming nor would I want to risk the liability if I was managing that pool.

    Answer 2:
    Not everyone has a pool and seeing as how it is against the rules at most public pools/beaches to bring glass items(some of the reasons listed above) this is something that was worth mentioning on that alone.

    Answer 3:
    Getting cut sucks! Seeing your little ones get cut sucks more!

    Below are a couple of links from a quick Google search I performed (no applause necessary), one is an Ezine and the others are just examples.




    Pool Rules.JPGpool rules 2.jpgspa_rules.jpgpool rules 3.jpg

    lol is the urine one a bluff?

    No they actually make a chemical that turns urine blue in the pool! Got to be pretty embarrassing to be swimming in the big blue cloud!

    Haha, funny.

    Thank you for a complete, fast answer! You really explained everything I needed to know, I really love your idea and I hope you win :D Good luck!

    Glass would work better. Let Darwin decide about bringing glass into the pool.

    Smart, but I wouldn't risk putting anything expensive in the jar.