Introduction: 2D Ultrasonic Mapping

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In this instructable we will shows you how to use a sonar sensor to create a 2D maps of surrounding objects. This project is part of the landmine detecting quadcopter project by SRJC Computer Science Club. This part of the project will allow the quadcopter to detect objects in it's surrounding.

Step 1: Components

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1 x Ultrasonic range finder

1 x Stepper Motor - Bipolar (Nema 17)

1 x Arduino Uno (Rev3)

1 x EasyDriver_v44 (Motor driver)

1 x 12v Power Adapter Jumper Wires (as needed)

1 x Breadboard


Soldering Iron and Solder

Wire Cutter

Laptop Arduino IDE Processing IDE

1 x USB cable (for Arduino uno)


Helping hands

Alligator clips

Brillo pad (for cleaning soldering iron)

Step 2: Wiring

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  1. The An in the ultrasonic range finder in to A0 in the Arduino port.
  2. The Dir in easydrive to D8.
  3. The Step in easydrive to D9.
  4. The Ground to Ground.

Step 3: Coding

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Processing Code and Arduino code


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-01

Cool sonar system

Thank you. It is work in progress we are going to replace the ultrasonic range finder with Liar-lite v2 so we can get a better resolution.

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