Introduction: 2D With a Little Extra Dimension Boo

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I got the idea to build this from another instructable ( ) I've just recently been building things since I've been cleaning the garage and found tools and a mass of wood that I did not know I had.  This is my first instructable and at this point I'm only hoping to get better at this stuff.

Step 1: Materials

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Materials for this instructable are as follows:

Picture of boo
A saw to cut curved lines (scroll saw)
assorted colors of paint
Sheet of wood
straightedge for the grid (a level)
A drill + drillbits
Any means of sanding down rough edges (a rasp)

Step 2: Gridding

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Start by finding the image online, just by searching boo shield yield ample results.  Get the image split it into equal sized parts to make a grid.  Once this is completed on the picture, repeat the process on whatever wood you decide to use.  I used 3/4 inch plywood. Determine how large of a boo you would like, I made each square of the grid 3x3 since it was the max. size I could on the piece of plywood I was using.  Once you complete the grid on the wood begin drawing boo onto the wood.

Step 3: Cutting and Sanding

Picture of Cutting and Sanding

Cut boo as if the arms and tongue did not extend past his circular body.  Once you cut it out you are bound to have a few rough edges, or at least I did.  Your drawings in the wood for the limbs will be used to add them on later with a different piece of wood, just think of it as a template. 

Step 4: Painting

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Watch out for pencil marks, my red spray paint wasn't dark enough and I had to sand it off and repaint it.  Plywood easily shows when it needs an extra coat, especially white paint.  I used red and black spray paint for there parts respectively. Made sure they were covered well enough and did not show pencil marks.

Step 5: Connecting Everything and Finishing Touches.

Picture of Connecting Everything and Finishing Touches.

Now comes the nailing I used 1and 1/2 inch finishing nails to connect the pieces together.  Added a little paint over them, and touched up other areas.  Good Luck on the eyebrows.

Let me know what you think of this and what I can do to improve this.


creeper lover (author)2013-11-01


dbiesiada (author)2012-08-02

I really liked your design but I have not really worked with lighting yet, so I had to make a little more dimension to show depth.

Thanks, I couldn't have done it without your instructable

ynze (author)2012-08-02

Nice job! Thanks for the referral!


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