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While cutting up 2L bottles for hydroponics planters, I found that they are of slightly different diameters and Pepsi bottles slide inside Coke bottles, when the ends are cut off. The flares at each end of the Pepsi bottle act as a slide "limit", but also give strength to the "structure".

The uses are many and the resulting containers are both reusable and disposable.

Step 1: What You Need

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1 ea 2L Pepsi bottle
1 ea 2L Coke bottle or similar.
1 ea Utility Knife

Step 2: What You Do

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1. Cut Pepsi and Coke bottles in half as shown.
2. Fit halves together as desired, depending on end function, as shown.

Uses - Terrarium, food storage/protection, yarn holder, hamster wheel (drill air holes), picnic/camping storage, bread box, bug cage, lunch box, etc .....


AstralQueen (author)2009-04-14

awesome idea!

wiley coyote (author)AstralQueen2009-04-14

Thanks. Since making this I've discovered, totally by mistake of course, that some Pepsi bottles slide inside each other as well allowing you to use the flanges as a "lock" that actually POPS into place.... with careful trimming of course.

eldavoloco (author)wiley coyote2009-10-19

 I would love to see a picture of that!

wiley coyote (author)eldavoloco2010-02-08

I'll try to remember to get the camera before I make the fatal cut too far.

barblind (author)eldavoloco2009-11-30

eldavoloco (author)2009-10-19

 Great idea! Simple, elegant, and cool-looking. I especially love the space-age styling of the two bottoms combined.
 On the two-bottom combo, I could see drilling a hole through the center of the top bottom and inserting a drawer pull, to make it more decorative and easier to open. Thanks for sharing!

wiley coyote (author)eldavoloco2010-02-08


Just today I was using this idea for something else and thought of cutting windows into each bottle that can be opened or sealed shut by turning the bottles.

kortez617 (author)2009-07-15

lol dude thats sick im so doin that

wiley coyote (author)kortez6172009-07-21

Thanks. I also made a bellows for a fire. It works great.

chuckr44 (author)2009-05-01

Ok. Here's my collection of plastic bottle projects so far.

wiley coyote (author)chuckr442009-05-01

Nice. A noble cause, indeed. I like the words ".... so far".

chuckr44 (author)2009-02-12

Someone should make a website with all the ideas (or links or pics to) uses for used plastic bottles. I wonder if this idea will help my son get a merit badge in boy scouts.

wiley coyote (author)chuckr442009-02-12

At the very least, he'll be able to safely transport smore supplies ... all else is secondary.

kcli (author)2009-01-10

Very Clever! This could translate into an ideal storage system for organizing supplies/hardware as a result of...1)You can quickly see what is stored; 2)if they fall off a shelf the container will not shatter and contents will likely remain inside; 3)the container can be cut to a similar size so the arrangement looks tidy. I love it!

wiley coyote (author)kcli2009-01-10

Thanks. Thinking outside the "container"! I like it.

bruno13069 (author)2009-01-09

The threading on a 2-Liter bottle is the same as a standard garden hose here in the U.S. Take a bottle cap, and poke a small hole in it with a hot nail. Screw it onto the end of your hose and PRESTO! You have a higher pressure stream. Great for rinsing out the cracks in concrete before patching.

wiley coyote (author)bruno130692009-01-09

Thanks, I did not know they are the same thread. Useful stuff to know for hydroponics.

bruno13069 (author)wiley coyote2009-01-09

A buddy of mine used a 2-liter bottle, a garden hose, a trigger sprayer, some clamps, some duct tape and a 3 level stairwell to make the biggest beer funnel in the area.
I never tried to drink from it, but it was entertaining watching others attempt to do so. 30 feet of gravity on a vertical shaft of liquid can be messy.

I do not recommend that anyone at home try this.

altomic (author)bruno130692009-01-09

would you recommend trying it at the office?

wiley coyote (author)bruno130692009-01-09

Sounds like an Instructable to me. You probably wouldn't have much trouble finding helpers for the testing process.

Chicken2209 (author)2009-01-09

learn something every day

wiley coyote (author)Chicken22092009-01-09

Makes the day worthwhile.

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