Well here is a walker that I built it is not that good but am posting it because There is a contest for biggest walker and this walker is fairly big.

The hight is about 6 in. the width is a little over a foot, and the length is about 7 in.

Hope you Enjoy!

Step 1: The Middle Section

Step 2: Leg Attachments


Step 3: The Motors


Step 4: The Outer Box


Step 5: Assembly


Step 6: Done!

 Have fun! Feel free to comment about anything.

Step 7: Video!

 In about the middle of the video the walker stops for about a second that is my fault, you will not have that problem.  http://youtube.com/watch?v=6rE3oUV7-sc
where can I find this contest<br />
&nbsp;Umm well I think it is over now. but it is in the knex forum just search for knex walker contest
oh, right, i'm not very active on the knex forum<br />
great work!

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