Picture of 2gen Ipod touch jailbreak

Step 1: Download software

Picture of Download software
  • For 2.2 download this and save it.
  • Or if you have the 3.0 firmware download this
  • if you have 3.1.1 or above you will need to downgrade or use http://blackra1n.com/
Always check the dev team for jailbreaking new versions of firmware!!

to find you're firmware go to settings, general, about, and it's under version

if you download the latest firmware while jailbroken you will have your ipod returned to normal
sebergast5 years ago
Is there any chance for breaking my ipod??? I'm thinking of jailbreaking my ipod but i wanna know the risks thankz
QuiksilverRox (author)  sebergast5 years ago
As far as my experience goes I have never had a problem that restoring has not solved. The only main problem is that 3.1.1 is NOT jailbreakable yet.
djbackoff6 years ago
i dont see a running pineapple only usb and itunes
QuiksilverRox (author)  djbackoff6 years ago
Well did it get jailbroken?
granjef36 years ago
This is outdated! Quickpwn works wayyyyyyy better and lets you get installer and custom boot logos. plus the instructions are barely understandable. Though i do agree with you about your username!
i meant Quickfreedom. All you have to do is follow the steps the gui tells you to do.
goeon granjef36 years ago
the coustom boot logo has major bugs i put the pineapple boot logo on my friends ipod and we couldent turn it on
QuiksilverRox (author)  granjef36 years ago
It's more of an instructable for n00bs.
I kind of like Icy better than Cydia for downloads, just because it looks neater and is more organized/easy to access. Great tutorial, I have already done this, and cydia crashes more than Icy, so I just prefer it. Another app to recommend is the one called categories. It lets you organize apps in any fashion you like. I used to have 7 pages of apps, now it is in 2 pages.
Yeah, I just switched to icy this weekend and love it. Its a amazingly nice because its so fast. Its a lot cleaner. My favorite app is intelliscreen. Love the rss feeds function of it and calendar and weather all of the lock screen. It does so much more though. Check it out.