2nd Birthday Monkey Cake





Introduction: 2nd Birthday Monkey Cake

I made this cake for my daughter's second birthday recently. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture before I cut it and she managed to get a handprint on it just as I took the shot!! Toddlers are soooo unpredictable....

I iced the whole cake with brown ready made icing and then used chocololate covered biscuits & white chocolate buttons for his ears, white chocolate buttons & chocolate chips for his eyes and piped caramel topping for the other accents. I will NEVER use caramel topping again for this purpose. As soon as it warmed up it started to melt and slid off the icing. It would have been ok if I served it immediately but I didn't so it took a lot of touching up. In fact I made 2 cakes for this birthday (the other cake for the day before and another birthday party) and the other cake was much more of a disaster but I will put up a post about it anyway because I liked it before it fell apart.

My daughter was absolutely delighted with her monkey cake, hence the handprint the moment she set eyes on it!



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    a recipe would be nice...

    Its made using butter cake mix, the ears are chocolate covered digestive biscuits and the eyes are white chocolate buttons and chocolate chips. Sorry, that's all the 'recipe' I have, I totally winged it...