2nd Birthday Teddy Bear Cake





Introduction: 2nd Birthday Teddy Bear Cake

This is the 2nd cake I made recently for my daughter's 2nd birthday, for the party with her little friends. The party was held at the Build a Bear Workshop and the children each made a teddy bear, so in keeping with the theme I had to make a teddy bear cake. I didn't have a 'pattern' so I just sort of winged it.

I made a large round cake, then using a pudding tin I made a smaller cake to make the teddy's muzzle. I also made 2 small muffins for the ears. The majority was iced in brown ready made icing and the accents with caramel topping which was a big mistake. This was done the night before and when I woke up the next morning, it had started to slide off the cake. It was such a job to try and patch it up! I then used white chocolate buttons and chocolate chips for the rest of the details.

Despite it being a bit of a mess, it fit the theme and the kids didn't seem to notice that it was a wee bit sloppy so...job done!!!



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Thanks! I had fun making it...