2x4 Essential Oil Holder





Introduction: 2x4 Essential Oil Holder

holds all essential oils

Step 1: Inspiration

oils are everywhere so time to make a tiny oil shelf

Step 2: Rip 2x4

I ripped the shelves to 1/2 in and then cut it long ways in half so they would be 3/4 in i use this for the fronts of the shelf so it would give me a 1/4 inch lip

Step 3: Assemble Shelves

the 2x4 width was perfect for the shelf

Step 4: Assemble Frame

i just used the same 2x4 ripped at 1/2 in

Step 5: Hippy Stain the Wood

i figued i would try and use something i seen on the web i used coconut oil to stain the wood and couldnt be more please with the finish

Step 6: Rip 1/4 Inch 2x4 for the Back Glue and Nail

i used a brad nailer

Step 7: Check to Make Sure You Measurement Are Correct

the bottom shelf was a little tight but it still worked with the small oils

Step 8: Hang and Fill With Oils

simple easy way to store essential oils

Step 9: Admire the Work

look at the wood grain in the back!!!



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    Very nice idea! I think I will have to put some kind of front on mine to protect them from the light. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Yes this was put in the closet so not much light