An easy to make 2x4 letter/pen/key holder that is wall mounted. Just a 2x4, L screws and stain.

Step 1: Cut/Measure and Cut Again

1. Cut a 2x4 about 12" long.

2. Mark the side of the 2x4 in one inch increments 8 marks will do. Starting about two inches from one end of 2x4.

3.. Adjust your saw blade at a 35 degree angle and cut the 2x4 across where the 8 marks are.

Step 2: Sand the 2x4

1. Sand the front, sides and the back if desired.

Step 3: Drill Pen and Mounting Hole

1. Drill the pen/pencil holes at about 30 degrees 3/4" deep at the top of the 2x4.

2. Drill a hole for the mounting screw close to the top backside of the 2x4.

Step 4: Install L Screws and Stain or Paint

1. Install 3 or 4 L screws in the front of the 2x4 about an inch from the bottom

2. Stain or paint the project.

<p>Thanks, very useful DIY!</p>
<p>Thanks Kreat0r!</p>
<p>Nice. I love how simple the design is.</p>
<p>Thanks Jason! It is a simple project.</p>

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