Because I always eat enough to carry me to my next meal, I generally don't have the need to snack between meals.  Instead, my snacking issues occur late at night when I want something that is sweet, but I lack the desire to prepare anything that takes effort.

In other words when my night time cravings hit, I want a snack that is...
  1. Easy
  2. Quick
  3. Satisfying
...and the 3-2-1 Snack Cake rings all three bells!

Step 1: Make It EASY!

The hardest(?) part of this snack is combining two ingrediants into a one gallon ziplock bag, or:  
  • one box of Angel Food Cake mix (must be Angel Food since we are not adding any eggs or oil)
  • one box of any Flavor Cake Mix  (I used Devil's Food so I could get better photos)
Simply combine the two cake mixes in the ziplock bag and store in the pantry until the craving hits.
...and yummy ;-)<br>
This is awesome, (-8 I made some tonight and everyone here loved it... and is also happy with the huge bag of mix left for future late night cravings!
So glad it was a hit ;-)<br><br>
I will add this to my recipe box because it is perfect for me! thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
You too...thanks!
Sure looks good! :)
Thanks, I'm tempted to nuke one up right now...
OMFG we have those plates!
Haha...I agree it's weird seeing something you own owned by someone else. (If it makes you feel better I only have 2 saucers)<br><br>I once saw my bedspread on a TV show...creepy!
Brilliant!! This is a great idea. How does the angel food cake work to make it all fluffy so quick?? Looks yummy, easy--I'll have to try this out. ;-)
I'm not sure, but I think because a box of AF mix only requires water (no eggs or oil), I sense that whatever is required to make it fluff (baking powder?) is already in the product. The devils food then contributes to the flavor.&nbsp;<br>

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