Picture of 3-2-1 Snack Cake
Because I always eat enough to carry me to my next meal, I generally don't have the need to snack between meals.  Instead, my snacking issues occur late at night when I want something that is sweet, but I lack the desire to prepare anything that takes effort.

In other words when my night time cravings hit, I want a snack that is...
  1. Easy
  2. Quick
  3. Satisfying
...and the 3-2-1 Snack Cake rings all three bells!

Step 1: Make it EASY!

Picture of Make it EASY!
The hardest(?) part of this snack is combining two ingrediants into a one gallon ziplock bag, or:  
  • one box of Angel Food Cake mix (must be Angel Food since we are not adding any eggs or oil)
  • one box of any Flavor Cake Mix  (I used Devil's Food so I could get better photos)
Simply combine the two cake mixes in the ziplock bag and store in the pantry until the craving hits.
berniee20002 years ago
kcli (author)  berniee20002 years ago
...and yummy ;-)
This is awesome, (-8 I made some tonight and everyone here loved it... and is also happy with the huge bag of mix left for future late night cravings!
kcli (author)  candlelightbooks2 years ago
So glad it was a hit ;-)

sunshiine2 years ago
I will add this to my recipe box because it is perfect for me! thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day!
kcli (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
You too...thanks!
Sure looks good! :)
kcli (author)  twinkleshine2 years ago
Thanks, I'm tempted to nuke one up right now...
jj.inc2 years ago
OMFG we have those plates!
kcli (author)  jj.inc2 years ago
Haha...I agree it's weird seeing something you own owned by someone else. (If it makes you feel better I only have 2 saucers)

I once saw my bedspread on a TV show...creepy!
Brilliant!! This is a great idea. How does the angel food cake work to make it all fluffy so quick?? Looks yummy, easy--I'll have to try this out. ;-)
kcli (author)  midsummermuse2 years ago
I'm not sure, but I think because a box of AF mix only requires water (no eggs or oil), I sense that whatever is required to make it fluff (baking powder?) is already in the product. The devils food then contributes to the flavor.