Picture of 3 Arduino Pins to 24+ Output Pins

Have you run out of output pins for your Arduino? Well this is the solution for you! In this tutorial I will show you the hardware and the code needed to control multiples of 8 number of outputs, using just 3 of your Arduino pins. The main idea of this Instructable is to create a module which can either operate separately or be hooked up to another module thereby increasing the outputs by another 8 pins.

Materials Required:

Uses of this project:

  • A basic understanding of shift registers.
  • Ability to increase your output pins to either control relays or any other output modules.
  • Free the arduino pins to increase the number of sensors that can be used.

In this instructable I have tried a different approach, where I soldered the individual components on the strip board and also testing. I have also provided to you a breadboard diagram of how the circuit will look like, as well as the code with which u are capable of controlling a maximum of 40 shift registers in parallel. The main inspiration behind this tutorial is the Arduino ShiftOut tutorial.

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craftclarity9 months ago

Slick! Thanks for posting this!

Naren_Murali (author)  craftclarity9 months ago

your welcome :)