Step 2: Folding Technique and Finishing.

The Duct taped paper is ready to be folded. Link below.

Special thanks and recognition to Instructable's very own "znosredna" for providing such a clear, concise and easy-to-follow instructable!


Pictured below is the folded cup/cups and the finished cups after the outside seams were sealed in Duct Tape.

These are going to last a very long time!

Thanks for stopping by!

Any idea how this holds up to hot liquids?
I just tested the Papa Bear size.<br><br>I filled it with 170 (approx.) degree water. <br><br>After a few minutes, it was pretty hot to handle. No leaks... yet.<br><br>After letting it rest for 5 minutes, it was slowly dripping hot water out the bottom. <br><br>Duct tape doesn't handle heat very well.
Very nice. The only caution is that as of 2007, there were still some brands of duct tape that used asbestos in them. So just make sure you don't use an old roll.
What's the water taste like?
Like water! ;-) <br><br>Duct tape doesn't smell or have any taste whatsoever.<br><br>Iff'n you're doubtful, try the sniff and lick test yourself. Just don't let anyone see you do it! ;-D
I love your humor!
I love the fact you added the red. Added some class!
Thanks. Red is my favorite color. ;-)
Kewl idea! I wonder what the count is for all the uses for duct tape. It is amazing tape!
Probably a gajillion. I had a couple more ideas... a vast internet search showed No Results.<br><br>I think curtailing this contest to &quot;The Great Outdoors&quot; concept was brilliant. <br><br>It forces us all to think outside the box! ;-D<br><br>
Is this safe?
People tear duct tape with their teeth every day. They also use duct tape to bandage injuries, which I had to do just recently.<br><br>As long as you don't eat the duct tape cup, it's safe.
Neatly wrapped up, very nice ible, rated 5 *<br>Have a look at mine &quot;Star-Wars X-Wing 2&quot;
Done deal. ;-)
My friend you have always proven yourself a thinker outside the cup....excellent idea and way to go with duct tape...For those men who think it can fix everything it cant, but being a water cup works for me....lol MP
;-D<br><br>You're going to love my next creation<br><br>It's a _______ ____.<br><br>

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