First let me state
-This is easy, even for a beginner
-If you're at tech shop ask for help and they will be more than happy to, or other people that go there :)

Start of with 4 pieces of walnut & maple, and 3 pieces of purple heart 
-1 1/8 wide approximately 3/4 thick and just around 33 long (walnut & maple)
-1/4 wide, 3/4 thick and again 33 long (purple heart)

Select the pieces and line them up
Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple, Walnut, Purple Heart, Maple, Walnut

Step 1: Gluing

Next Step
-Glue the pieces together
-For the cutting boards I've made I use titebond
-Use parallel clamps to ensure a level glued board 
-I even went as far as to grab two pieces of wood to clamp down the glued pieces again to ensure flatness

After clamped, I took a damp cloth and wiped up the excess glue that had been pushed out

***USE a board of plywood/MDF under your project, that way you won't be worried about tech shop staff looking over for you to clean up the mess you just made :D**

Really like this project. Brought back memories of my first chess board. I carefully cut out 64 squares of wood and nothing would fit together and the the shop manager told me about gluing the alternated boards together, then cut and flip and glue those. Such an easy concept after you see it. Keep up the great work!
That is such a fun design! Awesome cutting board :D

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