Introduction: 3-D LIP EFFECT

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All you need for a 3-D LIP EFFECT is:
MATTE or SATIN lip color and frosted powder/eyeshadow.

Step 1: Step 1. Use Frosted Powder/Eyeshadow.

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Take little frosted powder/eyeshadow on your finger.
Make sure you use a Frosted Powder/Eyeshadow which is in accordance with your lipstick color.

Step 2: Step 2. Dab Frosted Powder/eyeshadow.

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Dab frosted powder/eyeshadow on the upper surface of your lower lip and very little on the lower surface of your upper lip.

Step 3: DONE!

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Now you're all ready :)

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cmcneil22 (author)2015-07-05

I love this it's AMAZING and it works

Being Aaisha (author)cmcneil222015-07-06

thank you so much :) xx
we liked your DIY lip balm too :)

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