Step 4: Making the 1st and 2nd Layers

This step is hard to explain in words. You will need 30+30 of the folded pieces for the first two rows. 30 pieces for the first row and 30 pieces for the second row for a total of 60. Take a piece and stick one of the flaps into the fold. Do the same with the other side. you will need to do this for all 30 pieces and then join the pieces together to make a circle. The triangles should be alternating front, back, front, etc. They should also be facing up, then side, then up, etc. You are basically inserting "leg" to "mouth"

OK, this will be my dads Christmas present, i've been working for a day strait and have about 250 little triangles and the first and second layers done... 3 more days till Christmas. I hope I can make it... PLEASE wish me luck, I'll need it<br />
did you finish it in time <br> <br>
Yep I did. Thanks for all your support. Although I finished about an hour before I needed to wrap it....
&nbsp;Good luck!
if you want other designs look on youtube and search 3d origami.<br />
on this step it keeps slipping off section
&nbsp;I find that it helps when your first starting to put a small amount of glue onto each piece
Can't really help you...just try to push the pieces on tighter.
&nbsp;thats good for a first try, the shape of it will look a lot better if you dont have the first row going the opposite direction
<p>This is soo good I'm subscribing and Favin' I might do it over the summer</p>
wow this must take a lond time to make O_o<br />
&nbsp;It took me like a week. It was a gift for my grandma's birthday.
how far they spread
a week im trying a day o.o
its cool but how do i know how far the wings are supost to be
Do you mean how far apart or how far out they spread?
and by the way how long did it take u the first time
About a week.
im over half way done!!!! yessss!!!!!!!!
wow, you're really fast.
looks like this is what im going to be workin on for the next week
lol, good luck!
Wow thats cool!
Wow, 840 pieces that's a lot a work, but it sure looks great, nicely done!
oh yeah, sorry, calculation problem, it's actually 400 pieces.
That sounds easier, you can probably fold those triangles while watching tv.
thank you.
How long did this take you to make?
about a month.
Very tedious, but an amazing final result!

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