Introduction: 3-D Printed Bike Handle

I designed this bike handle in tinkercad. It is designed for smaller bikes with a handlebar size of 7/8 in. in diameter.

Step 1: Supplies I Used

  • 3-D printed bike handle

Step 2: Tools I Used

  • TInkercad
  • 3-D printer

Step 3: Design

I started with a cylinder. Then cut another into it from bottom. Next I added cylinder with a squished paraboloid on top at bottom. Cut wider cylinder into that. Then I added rounded squares to decorate it.

Step 4: Assembly

Push into handle bar. I soaked mine in hot water first what seemed to work well for getting it on.


cheordinario (author)2017-08-17

what material did u use?

Jayden17 (author)cheordinario2017-08-18


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Bio: I am a novice designer and i own a Solidoodle 4 and a Robo3d r1+.
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