3-D Printed Rose N'light




Introduction: 3-D Printed Rose N'light

For valentines day I made my sweety a printed rose with a LED.

The file for the rose and stem, like many other projects I see on this website, can be found free at Thingiverse.com


In the end I now have the rose lit using a watch battery but at first I had to go all in with voice control....

Step 1: Run Power Through the Rose

Once the rose was printed I drilled small holes to run power lines to the LED.

I suggest you pull the wires through the rose, solder to led, then pull back down.

I also should have bent the LED leads to bring it into the rose.

....I also used a red LED of course

Step 2: Arduino Wha?

So of course I had to add an arduino to the rose so that I could you voice commands to light the rose!

The set up was simple, if you are familiar. I use a Arduino Uno, HC-05 and I powered via USB to outlet.

The code can be found on this website by other smarter people and the app I used is called AMR_Voice.

Again, I now just have the rose lit via a watch battery and put in a mice slender vase.



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