Step 4: taping/stapleing the cuts

next, do the same for every other cut. in other words, skip on cut, then go to the next, then skip the next one. and STAPLE THESE TOGETHER
<p>Great instruction - and good idea with different color papers to show the attachments. Thanks for sharing</p>
I've done them before- they are really easy but get flattened easily
<p>That happens to me, too. Another problem I've encountered is ripping. Sometime, when I go to hang them up, they just rip in half. I guess I should use stronger paper.</p>
this is my first project, thx roy1931
These are so great - I used to different papers stuck together to get a really nice effect!
We made these out of plain white paper and then hung them with thread from the office ceiling. Inexpensive, simple to make and really gave the office a &quot;Winter Wonderland&quot; feeling.
I used to have so much fun making these :D
&nbsp;amazing 5 stars
It is awesome!<br /> Switch the order of your first two pictures so that people see the snowflake first instead of the sheets of paper on the chair.<br />
&nbsp;saying no glue required, then using staples doesnt make too much sense, but other than that, GREAT INSTRUCTABLE AND COOL PROJECT
well...i meant to say that you don't have to wait for stuff to dry<br />
its great for us impatient people who don't feel like burning fingers with hot glue(or glueing all fingers together with super glue)<br /> <br /> im planning on making these with &quot;foil&quot; paper :&nbsp;D<br />
That looks really cool! Nice job.<br />

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