3 DIY Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles





Introduction: 3 DIY Creative Ways to Recycle Plastic Bottles

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Hey There! So you are looking for some way to use those old plastic bottles lying around in your house? Well, then you are in the Right place! Watch me in this video as I show you step by step , 3 Fun and Creative DIY ways to recycle plastic bottles! Hope you have fun recycling your old plastic bottles. :)

Project 1- DIY Desk organizer recycling old plastic bottles.

Project 2- DIY Paper Organizer ( Well, this one is a surprise! I am sure you would have never thought of this! ;)

Project 3- DIY Earphone Holder! (Yes, this IS Real. An earphone holder recycling a plastic bottle?? You need to watch it to believe it!) Have fun!

Psst! You can find more such fun videos on my Youtube channel! ~ Splendid DIY



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    Love the re/up cycles! Keep 'me coming!!!!!!

    Can you make an instructable showing us these projects instead of just giving a link to YouTube?

    2 replies

    Sure! Will click pictures next time when I Shoot a video! Thanks for the feedback :)