Step 5: Put Everything Together

Peel off the adhesive back of the velcro strips and carefully attach the book stand to the TV.  Avoid blocking any exhausting holes on TV.

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Looks great. Where did you buy that bookend?<br>Thanks
I live in Hong Kong and brought it from a local yen store, i hope you can find something similar in your country.
Did you ever get a response as to where the bookend was aquired?
On the end I actually skipped the bookend part. I took 2 pieces of adhesive velcro and stick it directly on the TV and Kinect, which is very lightweight btw, so you don't have to be worry about falling. <br>It is on the place since, no problems at all. We are moving with TV often and Kinect nicely follows.
Where did you purchase your bookend and do you have a picture?
Again, I skipped it. I just put one part of the velcro on the TV and other on the Kinect bottom and I sticked them together. Works like charm.
dear , you are so smart , but if the bookend is expensive than a really kinect stander , the kinect stand just sale about $3 in market
Nice project. It inspired me to have a go at something similar, and I managed to cobble something together using a &pound;2 kids toy!<br> <br> I've put a few pictures on my blog for anyone who's interested:&nbsp;<a href="http://udlr.net/blog/2011/01/diy-kinect-tv-mount">http://udlr.net/blog/2011/01/diy-kinect-tv-mount</a>
This is actually pretty cool!
Very slick mount! Looks like a bookmark from a yen store. :) I was thinking a DVD case and a tin can for support crudely taped on the back of a flat panel tv would work too.
Very Nice! I'm going to use this for my PS3 Move Camera! <br> <br>Thank you for the project!
I love how simple this is and how stream-line it looks. We put a tiny shelf and bracket on the wall above our tv, I may switch to your idea.
Is the velcro adhesive strong enough to hold?<br>The tv's temperature may soften the adhesive pad! <br>Have you experienced any problems? <br>we are talking about a 150$ webcam here I don't want to ruin the family fun!
A suggestion if you don't want to use velcro to attach to the TV, simply bend the front down to make about a 1/4&quot; lip that hold to the front of the TV. The weight of the camera should hold it in place. You could do this in coordination with the velcro too.
AWESOME PROJECT!<br>I just got my Kinect yesterday and I immediately discovered I'd need a mount, my two year old is just too interested in it, lol, so I looked up the tv mount for it, and it looks like crap, it's plastic! you'd think $40 would get me a hunk of aluminum at least?!<br><br>Anyway thanks again, oh btw you could probably cut up the box for the Kinect and use some velcro to do the same thing, save you the price of the bookend, after a $150 price tag for the unit plus more for games, I'm pinching every penny!

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