This tutorial will show you to make dimensional flowers from paper. It's fun, moderately easy, and awesome embellishments.

Supplies needed
- EK Tools 3D flower punch or equivalent paper punch.
- Hot glue gun
- Rubber cement
- 2 coordinating pieces of Cardstock (Preferably 2 sided)
- Pencil

Step 1:

Step 1
Use your paper punch to punch 2 12 inch strips out of your coordinating pieces of cardstock. I used the EK Tools Carnation Dimensional Flower Punch. This particular punch will punch out 4 petals. You'll need to line up the last petal to keep it going as a cohesive 12 inch strip. Be careful when sliding the punched paper out from the punching tool. Lighter papers have a tendency to get caught in the spokes of the tool. You'll need 2 12 inch strips for  each flower you want to make.

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