This instructable will show you three different patterns for dyeing an easter egg.

The first decoration will be stars.
The second will be rubber bands and the last one we will be using reinforcement labels to create a circle.
So let's begin!

Step 1: Supplies

These are the things you will need for this instructable:

-A Pot
-A PAAS Easter Egg Decorating Kit (you will need the dye tablets)
-6 Eggs 
-Lemon Juice
-A Bowl full of Ice Cubes
-6 Cups (one for each egg, but I cracked an egg by accident so I will actually be using 5 cups)
-A food container
-A Timer
-A Paper Plate and Plastic Spoon
-A Strainer
-Star Stickers
-Rubber Bands
-Reinforcement Labels
-Measuring Spoon

<p>Love the sticker idea! Do you think after this, I could put the eggs back in a different color dye to color the white marks?</p>
<p>i thimk it would just mix colors and not come out the most beutiful</p>
<p>I would never have thought to use page reenforcing stickers, but they make such a cute pattern! Nice job!</p>
<p>Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!</p>
<p>Using stickers is genius! So easy and makes such cute designs :)</p>
<p>Thanks!! </p>

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