Introduction: DIY Chic Bead and Chain Fringe Necklace

How to make an edgy look necklace? Just check out my new bead and chain necklace design then! Featuring even chain segments that being looped in layers, this characteristic chain fringe necklace may create great style for all the makers. Each part is prepared manually and can vary in pattern and hue according to your personal preference.

Step 1: Supplies Needed in the Necklace Design:

12mm Jade Beads

Bronze Twisted Chains

Bronze Cross Chains



Lobster Claw Clasp

Wire Cutter Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Step 2: Prepare the Beaded Units and Chain Segments

1st, take an eyepin and slide one 12mm jade bead. Make a simple loop above the bead;

2nd, in my design, 13 beaded units are required;

3rd, cut 12 pieces of chain segments to approximately 15cm (an eyepin may help the chain segments be more neat).

Step 3: Decide the Beaded Pattern and Add the Chain Segments

1st, arrange the 13 beaded units in an desired order;

2nd, open the left loop of bead unit#1 and then slide one chain. Close the loop;

3rd, open one jumpring, then string the other loop of bead unit#1, one new chain and the left loop of the bead unit#2. Close the jumpring;

4th, open one jumpring, then string the other loop of the bead unit#2, the last link of firstly added chain, one new chain and the left loop of bead unit#3. Close the jumpring;

5th, open one jumpring, then string the other loop of the bead unit#3, the last link of the 2rd chain, one new chain and the left loop of bead unit#3. Close the jumpring;

6th, open the jumpring, then string the beaded units and chain segments in the same rule until the bead unit#12;

7th, while connect the bead unit#12 and bead unit#13, you won’t need to add new chain any more.

Step 4: Complete the Necklace and Attach the Clasp

1st, cut two 40cm piece of twisted chain;

2nd, attach one jumpring at the left side of first bead loop and then pass the two chains through it;

3rd, gather the last links of 4 chains with another jumpring;

4th, attach the clasp at the last bead unit by using jumpring;

Step 5:

Congratulations!!! This bead and chain necklace design only made use of two types of common chain and an array of warm-colored Jade beads, but it has definitely made a statement and added texture and movement to your looks! Hope you’ll like my bronze chain necklace!


leicoconut (author)2016-09-03

Great necklace!

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