3 Easy Steps to Make a Silicone Mold


Introduction: 3 Easy Steps to Make a Silicone Mold

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Here is a short description on how to make simple and fast silicone mold for small objects. You need only materials available in your closest store or even in your garage.


Step 1: What You Need

- pure silicone not fast drying type (on tube preferably for easy handling)

- oil (for example WD40 which you can find it anywhere)

- rubber gloves (recommended)

- dust mask (recommended)

- small box (optional; to place your model inside for better looking of final mold)

Step 2: Prepare Your Mold

- place object on a piece of plywood/metal plate/piece of window glass

- if you use optional box, place your model inside

- spray WD40 on your model (and on box walls if used)

- pour silicone slowly using circular movement to cover all areas from down to up and avoid formation of air bubbles; cover your model entirely

- another method is to pour silicone in one bucket with water and liquid soap, collect with your hands, make a ball and the apply around model; water prevents silicone on sticking to your hands and dry faster that expected

Step 3: "Patience Is a Virtue"

- wait for silicone to cure about one day (or you can check by finger after few hours)

- after silicone is cured, remove slowly from model

- if necessarily carefully cut on one side the mold, along your model, but make an zig-zag cut not one line

* my final product is not finished; I have to trim edges and maybe to smoother surface somehow...



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    i think this should be called sillicone casting, since the actual mold is the metal box... but i am curious about strategies on smoothing it!

    What is the thing you molded the silicone around? I see the LEDs and the USB connector, but it must have a battery inside. Please explain and show photos of it after you smooth it up. I like it.

    I like the idea (pictures would help though). Do you think vaseline could be used instead of WD40?

    2 replies

    I have updated my post with step by step pictures. Not so many but you will get the idea.

    About vaseline I can say that I never used but I found other "mold makers" who use it. So, I think is possibile...

    Nice! The pictures help! I understand much better now. And thanks for looking into the vaseline for me.