Introduction: 3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Plants Happy

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Plants are an important part of our everyday life. They provide us with oxygen, nice looking colors or even a green spot on our houses.

Keep them happy and you will be rewarded by them with all above .

Step 1: #1 Feed Them

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Water your plants at least one time per week or according instructions received when you bought the plant. Feed them with fertilizer if necessarily. For some plants, like cactus, is no need to water them so often.

So, read about your plant and feed her properly.

Step 2: #2 Plow Their Land

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Keeping the land "fluffy" helps your plants to extend their roots and grow in size. This will help plant grow bigger. Another reason is that it prevents the emergence or proliferation of plants pests.

You can use special tools for plowing or even a spoon will be enough to turn around the land. In some cases you can use pesticides against pests (personally I don't like to use them).

Remove all foreign weeds otherwise they will invade your plant(s) and finally can kill her.

Step 3: #3 Support Them

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In case you are growing plants which has that interesting habit of climbing, you have to prepare supports for them. A good example will be a small ladder. Or even just a piece of rope secured between two fixed points. In this way your plant will have a nice support and she will be happy to use it. For smaller size plants you can use only a stick.


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