Step 12: Version 2.0

Picture of Version 2.0

So I gave building one of these a second try and it worked out a bit better. This version is just like the old version, except on steroids and a bit more expensive.

I used another $1 Store Radio as well as managed to fit in some $1 headphones. Instead of using the $1 Store solar lights I instead used three 1.5 volt 50 ma solar cells which are smaller and more powerful. I also used some higher capacity AAA batteries I had.

The total cost of this one is about $6-7. Twice as much as the original one, but still much cheaper than buying a store bought solar radio and far more cute in this Altoids Tin.

Oddly I now have a complete solar Altoids kit setup in my room. Solar Radio, Solar Flashlight, Solar USB Charger... In the event of a massive power outage (or zombie invasion) I think I'm set.

klmyles7 months ago

Would a Digitally Tuned radio work??

(see this one I found - http://www.dollargeneral.com/product/index.jsp?pro...

deanes2 years ago
Altoid tins are neat, but maybe an easier more practical project would be to just add the charging panels directly to the radio case? Or, maybe the panels glued to a plastic pocket-shaped sheet and connected by a sturdy wire to the radio battery compartment. Then you would have a solar charging case for the radio.
Doctor-X173 years ago
I like this project. Both versions look good, but you might be able to use speakers as you planned for the first version if you included an audio amplifier circuit. I'm not sure how small one could be made, though, or if it's feasible in terms of power consumption, but it might be a challenge for you to step up to! But internal speakers or not, this is a good Instructable. Keep up the good work :D

Also, anything in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse is good.
you just need to make a altoids hand crank for the time you may not have sun lol or wind turbine in a altoids tin pmsl