Step 7: Drill Baby Drill

Picture of Drill Baby Drill

So instead of doing internal speakers I just made a hole for the headphone jack.

To do this I first lined up everything inside, then marked where I wanted to drill on the outside.

Drilling Altoids tins is easy. Just be careful. Get a good RPM going, press some, and make sure your fingers are safe. You may want to file the inside of your tin if you've got lots of metal bits poking things. (I didn't, but you never know.)

It also doesn't hurt to have a backup tin around. Just in case.

Make sure your headphone jack goes all the way into the drilled hole! If nothing else test that your headphone will in fact work with how you've got it set up!

icej754 years ago
When drilling thin material i have found that by placing a peice of wood behind it, you get a good "base" for drilling and reduce the drill flare on the inside.
JoshuaZimmerman (author)  icej754 years ago
Me too! Thats a great tip.