Step 8: Wire Up The Cells

Picture of Wire Up The Cells

If you have a multi-meter test your solar cells out. The ones I used each put out between 3.3 - 3.5 volts.

These cells are great for charging up a single AAA battery of 1.2 volts, but now we're using two AAA batteries in a series for a total of 2.4 volts. Seeing as how the goal of this is to be an emergency radio and be able to charge up even in bad weather we should boost the voltage on our solar cells. (Or you can use any solar cell or group of cells that put out more than 4 volts that you have around.)

To do this we'll be connecting our cells in a series, which means the amps will stay the same but our voltage will double.

First, solder a long wire onto the diode end with the black strip. Then solder the other end of the diode to the positive tab of one of your solar cells.

Solder a long wire onto the negative tab of the OTHER solar cell.

Each cell should have one wire now. One positive (with a diode) and one negative.

Now connect the two cells using the two remaining soldering points, AKA bridge the remaining positive and negative solder points. I just used a bit of scrap wire, anything will do.

When you're finished use some tape to hold down the wires and to protect the solder points.

If you're at all confused just look at the pictures below.

Whatat does the diode do in the circuit? Just curious