3 Foot Tall Ant Nest with Foraging Area- Authentic Natural Simulation


Step 15: Your finished, time to find some ants!!

Once you have completed the project it is time to find your new inhabitants.
A small guide follows.

Locating Queens- Yearly ants of almost all species have nuptual flights. This is when the queens take flight in order to mate and start a new colony. If these nuptual flights are occuring simply take several queens mid air or on the ground and place them inside a test tube / small container with a moist cotton ball.

Collecting a colony- This is easy when you can find a colony under a movable rock. If this is the case simply collect the ants and the queen.
If the nest is located under the ground, take a shovel and cut the nest out. Take a cube 30cm x 30cm x 30cm of soil out around the nest. Transfer that into a bucket and put the lid on it. Take it home and go through the dirt to locate the queen and workers.
richie_1144 years ago
Very cool project! You can also use a "snifter" to collect ants though!
spikes05775 years ago
Great idea! You are a very creative person!
Congrats, continue giving us these instructables
95styles5 years ago
thats really cool, good