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Glass paint is beautiful, but it's expensive! Many people do not know there's another alternative to the paint itself that costs down three dollars

Other photos are in the comments section, I apologize for the inconvenience, my phone would not upload them

Step 1:

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All you need for this craft is

Elmers glue

Food coloring

Paint brush

Step 2:

Here is my recipe

2-4 TB glue
1-3 drops of food coloring, it's usually around one TB per drop

Here are a few coloring options

2 drops blue 1 drop green = teal
3 drops is deep ocean blue
2 red 1 yellow is orange red
2 drops red 2 drops blue = purple


Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-19

I haven't tried it yet, but I believe you can buy like a seal and clear spray. Some of it did flake off if I really picked at it, but it's pretty much okay

I have done this using the clear gel glue, I sprayed a clear sealer over it and it prevented runoff. going to try it with the white glue, thanks ;)

Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-25

It won't allow me to update it

Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-25


Tasha78 (author)2015-05-24

So all ingredients should be mixed together

Tasha78 (author)2015-05-24

So all ingredients should be mixed together

Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-24

It is not incomplete, I posted the rest of the photos in the comments section because my phone said "cocoa error 3472"

Tasha78 (author)2015-05-24

The instuctable is incomplete pls can u post the rest of it

Tasha78 (author)2015-05-24

The instuctable is incomplete pls can u post the rest of it

Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-20

I apologize, my phone will not upload the photos needed! I tried

ThisIsMyNameOK (author)2015-05-20

Great idea! Thanks for the tip. You should add a little more to this Instructable, show us a little more of what you can do with it.

suzysmith24 (author)2015-05-20


AmberMorris (author)2015-05-20

Maybe if you use some kind of a sealing spray it will stay permanent? I know there are sealing, waterproof spray for paint, maybe this would work?

Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-19

It's really just for decor

Tamarinda (author)2015-05-19

But, would you drink out of it?

Rubeus Hagrid (author)Tamarinda2015-05-19

No, even though elmer's glue is nontoxic it is not waterproof.

Cowgirlsnevercry2001 (author)2015-05-19

You apply the paint on the outside

TheProcrastibaker (author)2015-05-19

Wouldn't that flake off the glass or is there a way to cure it so it stays on? It looks awesome!

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