Introduction: 3-IN-ONE Fidget Spinner | Shuriken, Slingshot, Multi-Bit Screwdriver

In this instructable you will see how I built a 3-in-one fidget spinner made out of wood, some bit holders and a bearing.

Step 1:

Firstly, I cut the piece of wood in the dimensions I wanted.

Step 2:

After I designed the shape of the fidget spinner on the wood, I started cutting it with a jigsaw.

Step 3:

Then I sanded it, very well in order to give it the desired shape.

Step 4:

Now, with a 3mm drill bit, I drilled the five edges, in the middle, on the top side of the wood.

Step 5:

After that, I cut the bit holders at the right length and measured their thickness.

Step 6:

I drilled the holes with a 10mm drill bit and then with a router I started rounding all the edges.

Step 7:

Then, I sanded it again very well and gave its final shape.

Step 8:

Now, I removed the metal shields from the bearing and cleaned it with WD-40 in order to spin faster.

Step 9:

I measured the diameter of the bearing and I drilled a 22mm hole.

Step 10:

And I placed the bearing and the bit holders together with the piece of wood in order to see that everything fits right.

Step 11:

And I started placing the bit holders into the holes, one by one, using super glue.

Step 12:

After the glue dried up, I drilled every bit holder with the wood separately, placing a screw between them, so that the bit holders can’t be moved when I use the fidget spinner as a multi bit screwdriver.

Step 13:

I cut the screws with a hacksaw, sanded it again very well and the Fidget Spinner is ready for use!

Step 14:

Multi-Bit Screwdriver

Step 15:


Step 16:


Step 17:

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked it!


Jack-of-All made it! (author)2017-07-16

add you design to

Elias Stratakos made it! (author)Elias Stratakos2017-07-17

Hello there! I tried it but they did not accept it.

Thank you for your interest!

Best wishes!

Jack-of-All made it! (author)Jack-of-All2017-07-17

You will have to make 3d model. You can use tinkercad. You will need to follow few ground rules, you can start by using

bhavik zure made it! (author)2017-07-13

amazing. like your concept.


Elias Stratakos made it! (author)Elias Stratakos2017-07-17

Thank you very much! I'm really happy that you liked it!

Stay tuned for more! Best wishes!

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