3 in 1 Remote





Introduction: 3 in 1 Remote

I find it very frustrating when I go to use one of my remote controls and its not to hand. I really hate it when one of them has ended up under the table or down the back of a chair. Now normal people buy remote caddies or leave them on a table. As a maker this did not seem fitting to me. Remembering back to the 5 in 1 and 8 in 1 remote controls I had been laughing at earlier in the week, I decided to make my own version.


Stop the remotes being lost

Ensure they are easy to find

Make sure all devices work from one hand

Not required

Easy way to change batteries


Step 1: Mock Up 3 in 1 Remote

So the first thing I did was to look at the remotes and see what I had to work with. After many gruling meetings and expensive consultants, I decided that I should just glue them together and see how it works. You know, its only hot glue after all.

Step 2: Glue Remote Together

Ensure you give you glue gun time to warm up and ensure you have spare glue sticks. Its fun to keep squirting more than you need to. Bash your glue out onto the remote control kind of where you need it, But be careful, its very hot and you may get burned. The glue is slow to cool so you have time to work it.

Keep adding remotes until your finished and they are all stuck together.

Step 3: Test Remote Controls and Enjoy the Comfort

Well that's it! Design requirements met. Remote control working and nice to hold in one hand. The spare flat side stops it rolling about. I accidentally dropped it on the floor after making it and its strong, is really visible and not easy to lose.

If it did manage to get down the back of the sofa you have bigger things to worry about.

Enjoy your viewing.



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    this process almost makes impossible to change batteries so I don't think it is useful. If you obsessed to stick them together you may use Hook and Loop Tape which allows you to change batteries

    The site encourage us to be nice, and constructive. But I have to admit that with this, it's quite hard. But it reminded me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB2di69FmhE

    but how to change the batteries when the remotes

    are glued together

    1 reply

    Hm...good question

    this is cool i will do it

    Pretty cool... Just not sure how long till those batteries need changing

    I wonder how many people wasted their remotes on this!

    It's already got favorite-ed by 15 people.

    Who needs to change batteries anyways? :D

    You can stick it to your arm too! ;)

    can I give you a small suggestion? put new batteries in them before you glue them together or maybe you could rig something up by adding a few wires, solder, a 2 AA battery case. so (in this case) all 3 run off the same set of batteries

    Without any contest you are the Leonardo Da Vinci of this century.

    You can upgrade with maybe your car remote, emitter of your son's buggy or even your iPhone. Six in one !

    How do you change the batteries? Rubber bands would probably do the trick.

    1 reply

    Or velcro with a sticky side! :D

    How would you replace the batteries