Ok, so this is my entry into the hack It Challenge.  Here, we're going to use two separate lights to make one awesome headlamp!. Let me first stipulate that $3 depends on you materials cost, it may be higher or lower, but either way you get a decent lamp out of it. 

Disclaimer:  A soldering iron is used in this instructable, barely, but its a good idea to know what you're doing with one.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

First, source your parts.  I got a 9 LED flashlight for a dollar as well as an incandesant headlamp for two dollars from HF.

LED flashlight
Short length of wire

small phillips head screwdriver
pair of pliers/vicegrips
soldering iron

i realise that i should have done a before picture with the headlamp, but i was in the 'maker zone'
Nice little hack! GO BUCKS!
Thanks! I was hoping somebody would like it.

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