Design is the Future

By: Logan Siahaan AKA EAGON

A contestant in the Epilog Laser Contest. If I won, I would continue to design and create art and other custom parts that people would want or need. I would also start a business with it because I love lasering so much! It would help me become a great model maker, I have used a laser in the past when I was in school and even did comissions for people around the world with it, I also was able to network with great people who were able to supply me with inexpensive materials. I now have many stacks of material in my basement that I can not do much with. I wanted to start a business last year but I knew I had to save most of my money for college. This laser would help me achieve my dreams!

Step 1: First Acquire Your Materials

I picked up this one piece of scapbook paper at a rummage sale for 10cents but any craft store should also have them.
I picked up these frames at a rummage sale as well.

You also need a pencil
Scissors, or X-Acto Knife/ Cutting Surface
A bit of Adobe illustrator/ AutoCAD skills (this is optional because you can do basic tracing and cutting as well)

A laser cutting, vinyl cutting service (this is optional because you can always cut it manually) (depending on choice of material)



A vinyl cutting service, but its easier to find a local business to do it over websites, because it is more common than laser cutting.
Thank You very much!
Yah i need the CAD please provide me at iqra@apparelco.com
Yeah that would be awesome! Thank you very much!
That is a beautiful idea! My grandma had a family tree on the wall and all the apples were cut out. It would be fun to use your idea for something like that!

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