Picture of $3 MINI PROJECTOR
Hello! This time i am here with a small mini projector just out of $3 . This is a very fun project to make and pretty easy to make.You need to switch off the lights and watch the action! It is powered by a mobile phone or any digital media player.It's quality is very good if you will use a good phone with full brightness and high contrast. The better the brightness and contrast  is the  better is the projection. The mobile i've used here has very less features and my dad won't allow me to do this with his expensive phone so i have to use a bad one with bad quality , very less brightness and contrast but i assure you if will use a good bright  mobile phone with good brightness control you will get very good quality! I can't show you it's working image because i don't have a mobile with a bright screen and my camera is not catching that much low light but i assure you it's visible! I f you are not getting that quality tell me what problem you are having!
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Step 1: Technical details.

This projector works on the principle of magnification. The brighter the image from the source is the better is the quality of projection.The source should be held upside down or the projector box  should be upside down to get a correct image on the canvas.The room should be kept dark. The distance between the source(the mobile phone) and the lens should be adjusted  (Keeping the distance between lens and the canvas constant means)accordingly to get a non blurry image on the canvas. The words or the alphabets will be right side left.
rimar20001 year ago
What screen size you got in the wall?
samaddon (author)  rimar20001 year ago
It depends on what screen size you want ! But the max i have tried with my old phone it is around 25cm*20cm. If you will use a phone having high brightness and contrast !
This sounds pretty sweet! Do you have any images of it in action?
samaddon (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
I have a problem with this because i don't have a good mobile phone to use and my parents are not going to buy a good one for me so i can't and if i use one of my old mobile phone it's not very bright so my camera is not catching that much low light on the wall so i think i need to win one phone but i don't know i will or not but i will try taking a picture i will give in two three days ! Sorry for you inconvenience! But i assure you i you will use your i phone it will project very good quality of image!