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Need something for your kids birthday party which is easy to make and at the same time very attractive for the children, then this is a perfect snack .It takes less than 3 minutes and needs just 3 ingredients.

And yes you can get your kid helping you out to get it done.

Step 1:

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All you need is

Butter at room temperature

Slice bread or toast bread

Colorful Sugarstrand Spinkles.

A cookie cutter to make it even prettier.


Step 2:

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Place the bread slices flat on a working platform or tray.

With the cookie cutter cut out the butterflies ,squeezing in as many as you can per slice.

Step 3:

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With a butter knife apply a generous layer of butter to each butterfly.

Step 4:

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Sprinkle the sugar sprinkles over the buttered butterflies. the butter will immediately hold on the sprinkles in place giving a pretty butterfly snack.


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