This simple puzzle is one of my favorites. It's has 3 pieces (2 are the same) and takes some fun sliding and turning movements to assemble and take apart. 

Step 1:

The exact pieces you use will depend on your collection, it's more about building the right shapes. Each of the 3 pieces you build will consist of three layers, plates, bricks, and tiles, in that order from bottom up. That being said, you will need a variety of plates, bricks, and tiles to make this puzzle. 
<p>Fun quick build. Thanks!</p>
Fun to make
It was fun im keeping it on display it looks great
<p>I did it but with different colors</p>
hey i love origami lego but not braclets<br>
Where did you get those digital clock pieces?!
You are very good all the stuff you do is what I do origami,Legos and bracelets
do you need the smooth bricks on top? <br>
i'm speachless.........SO AWSOME
Awesome! Where do you get these ideas? Wonderful job!
I make this same exact puzzle out of wood. Pretty clever to see it made from Legos!

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