3 Piece Lego Mechanical Puzzle (Intersecting Planes)





Introduction: 3 Piece Lego Mechanical Puzzle (Intersecting Planes)

This simple puzzle is one of my favorites. It's has 3 pieces (2 are the same) and takes some fun sliding and turning movements to assemble and take apart. 

Step 1:

The exact pieces you use will depend on your collection, it's more about building the right shapes. Each of the 3 pieces you build will consist of three layers, plates, bricks, and tiles, in that order from bottom up. That being said, you will need a variety of plates, bricks, and tiles to make this puzzle. 

Step 2:

You need to make 2 of this shape piece. To build it strong and to the right dimension, make the bottom layer in plates, the next in bricks, and the top in tile. I used different parts to make each one, as you can see in the pictures. 

Step 3:

Make one of these shapes, again building a plate layer, a brick layer, and a tile layer. 

Step 4:

Can you figure out how to assemble the puzzle? If you did, awesome! If not, there's no shame in that either, just check out the video below to find out how. 

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Nice puzzle there. I had fun making it.

hey i love origami lego but not braclets

Where did you get those digital clock pieces?!

You are very good all the stuff you do is what I do origami,Legos and bracelets

do you need the smooth bricks on top?

i'm speachless.........SO AWSOME

Awesome! Where do you get these ideas? Wonderful job!

I make this same exact puzzle out of wood. Pretty clever to see it made from Legos!