Picture of 3 Ply Wood Cruiser Board Simple

Step 1: Get Wood

Picture of Get Wood
Get either jigsaw or hack saw or both (recommended) and get a belt sander it orbital sander. Next you need to get some glue preferably tite bond 1,2,or3. Now all you need is wood I have used wood from a construction site and better yet 1/8 inch lite ply from Midwest products in a 12/24 inch piece. Oh and you also need a drill for the truck holes
spendew (author) 6 months ago
Sorry I don't have the ability to take any more pics of it because I sold it
JamesRosas6 months ago
Cool make.. You should post more pictures of it. Top view mainly
spendew (author) 1 year ago
I don't know I haven't ridden it because I'm selling it but I have stood in it and it has good deck tip and soft bushings.
Flash671 year ago
Does it have good turns?
spendew (author) 1 year ago
Thx man
seamster1 year ago

Nice board. I love that old style look!