3 Ply Wood Cruiser Board Simple


Introduction: 3 Ply Wood Cruiser Board Simple

Step 1: Get Wood

Get either jigsaw or hack saw or both (recommended) and get a belt sander it orbital sander. Next you need to get some glue preferably tite bond 1,2,or3. Now all you need is wood I have used wood from a construction site and better yet 1/8 inch lite ply from Midwest products in a 12/24 inch piece. Oh and you also need a drill for the truck holes

Step 2: Make a Press

Watch these videos to get an idea of how to make whatever style press you want mine was pretty thrown together. These are pretty simple to make and to come up with your own design.



Step 3: Cut It Out

Now your ready to use your jig and hack saw so get cutting and the. Start sanding the edges, I recommend you take a short length of PVC pipe and cut it in half longways the. Take a piece of sandpaper and put it in the tube. This will make a slightly rounded rail and make your board look way more professional. You will also need to drill the holes at this point, you can do it after stain and clear coat if you want but it is not recommended. Here is a link to a truck hole template, the new school pattern is off so only use the old school one for this template.


Step 4: Stain

Now you will need to get some stain in whatever stain/color you want and sand your board to perfection. NO MORE SANDING PAST THIS POINT

You will need one or two costs of stain then about the same amount of coats of clear coat or polyurethane.



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    6 Discussions

    Sorry I don't have the ability to take any more pics of it because I sold it

    Cool make.. You should post more pictures of it. Top view mainly

    I don't know I haven't ridden it because I'm selling it but I have stood in it and it has good deck tip and soft bushings.

    Does it have good turns?

    Thx man