3 Programs to Turn an Old Android Phone Into a Useful Utility for Your Car.





Introduction: 3 Programs to Turn an Old Android Phone Into a Useful Utility for Your Car.

It's simple and only cost $2.99 to do.
All three programs are in the Google play store and where chosen because of ease of use and for available features.

First, because my phone is an old, un-serviced phone I wanted an off-line GPS. Everything is loaded via a WiFi connection and is pretty much self sustaining after the initial setup.

Program : Navigator (I searched it using "Offline GPS" to narrow the field.

Second, because the home screen on my phone wouldn't boot up in landscape mode I had to download  a program for that

Program : ultimate rotation control.

and lastley, I don't have an MP3 option on my stereo so I use a simple FM transmitter which connects to my phone with a graphic EQ app to control the pitch of the MPS, select them, and that offers a colorful graphic display when not using the GPS.

I know this seem kinda trivial, but I hate getting phone calls when I have other things running on the same phone, even if I have my bluetooth set up, that was the reason for setting up and second (unused) phone this way.

the other thing I did was route the charging wires up through the dash so they don't get in the way.

The  possibilities  are endless and it beat spending $120 + on a dedicated GPS unit.



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    Great idea man! ;D
    When I get a new phone i'll do something sorta like it with my old one! ;)