3 Second Choas





Introduction: 3 Second Choas

Got 3 seconds and a normal bic pen and a rubber band? Then you might want to check this out.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a normal BIC pen (with the cap) and one rubber band.

Step 2: Place the Rubber Band on Your Fingers.

Take the rubber band and place it one your thumb and middle finger and spread them apart so that the rubber band it taut.

Step 3: Insert the Pen

Slip the cap inbetween the rubber band. Make sure that clip is fully on the rubber band.

Step 4: Fire!

Pull back the pen and the cap will go flying!



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    It's spelt 'dumbass' and 'cap'. There is a spellcheck feature so you don't make mistakes like that. While we're on the subject of mistakes you've been flagged.

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    Ha haha gazing Sheldon's awesome

    ZING! Virtual high-five! *slap*

    I agree with Aesir, and by the way i shot my self in the leg w1ith a hobby rubber band and gave my self a nice welt! Nice Istructable!

    1 reply

    Oh jeez your like my brother " I wonder what this hot wire fence does"


    this is a good idea but there is no need for an insructable. i think almost every living person knows how to do this

    9 replies

    oh hi u might not remember me but u were the one who critcized me for making a statement... just because ur a jerk with nothing better to do than criticize kids doesnt mean u can go around offending others.

    But. That doesn't mean you should be a jerk either


    actually i am a kid too

    i know you your the kid down the street with mental dissabiltys

    "dissabilitys" is spelled disabilities. Just for the record.


    Oh, and I didn't criticize you for making a statement, I criticized you for being stupid

    please explain to me how i was being stupid!!!


    Because you're just putting out there that you're under the age limit and it was for no reason. You said after a sentence "BTW IM 11"! Please explain how that wasn't stupid.

    I bet you could find children in iscolated tribes in the middle of the pacific doing this.

    I've been trying to make a full pen-gun but this is WAY simpler. Thanks!