3 Simple But Effective Home Remedies





Introduction: 3 Simple But Effective Home Remedies

Step 1: Intro to Sickness

We've all been sick to the point where we would try anything to get better. These are just a few easy remedies that my mom has taught me over the many times I have been sick.

Step 2: Baking Soda in the Tub

This home remedy is simple and works for just about any kind of sickness from chicken pox to the stomach flu.

1. Go to your kitchen and get some baking soda.

2. Draw a nice warm bath that covers your entire body.

3. Pour in as much baking soda as you like.

4. Bathe (this can also include taking a little nap in the bath.)

The beauty of this remedy is it's inexpensive and the warm water is soothing to your sore stomach or pounding headache.

Step 3: Salt Water Gurgle

This remedy works great on sore throats of any extreme.

1. All you need is salt and water

2. Mix a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of pure table salt. (If 2 tablespoons seems to extreme, lower it and expect a weaker result.)

3. Gurgle the mixture for about 20 seconds. Repeat this step about 5 times.

4. Rinse out your mouth, careful not to rinse out your throat though.

Step 4: The Peroxide Miracle

This little remedy has been used the most with my family and it is the one that my mom beleives is the best.
This one can be used on any type of injury:
Almost any skin injury that you can think of

1. Grab a bottle of peroxide

2. Get a box of q-tips

3. Apply a peroxide soaked q-tip to the wound.

4. When the peroxide is applied things will tend to fizz. When this happens wipe off the peroxide and re-apply to the wound. (Do this until the wound stops fizzing.)



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    Yeah sorry, *relax in the bath

    I'm gonna try that, kretzlord

    I do a mouth wash/gargle with 50/50 peroxide and water if i feel a tooth ache, sore, or anything unpleasant happening

    and the salt water swish is more effective to combat canker sores and sore throats than anything off the shelf. use it all the time.

    I highly recommend not napping in the bath