Introduction: 3 Step Sculpted Bun

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This tutorial will show you how to create a simple, but adorable sculpted bun. If you haven't heard I'm going to do at least one hair tutorial each day for a week! I am so excited! By the way in this tutorial I used my sister's hair cuz mine is kinda hard to work with!

Step 1: Which Part?

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You should part the hair down the middle. By the way there are braids in the picture, forget them. Don't worry about them. We made a deal I would do braids if she would let me take pictures. Stubborn siblings!


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This picture is really old but it is the only one i could find. I accidentally deleted the picture of my sister. This is of my cousin. Sorry for the detour, let's get back to the tutourial! Now pull your hair into a TIGHT LOW ponytail. Pretty self explanatory!

Step 3: The Bun

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Twist the tail into a tight bun, tie a tie around it and add some bobby pins. As many as you think are needed. Spray in some light reflective spray if you want. You're finished you should enjoy your new look!


momoluv (author)2013-07-15

Could you add pictures of the actual process???

lstollen (author)2013-06-13

Is it ok?

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Bio: My name is Ashley. I am in high school. I'm going to do a week of all hair tutorials! This starts Thursday June 25th ... More »
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