Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From 9v Batteries

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Next time you plan to take your jar full of batteries to a recycling point, salvage the connectors from 9v batteries.

In this Instructable, we will look at 3 things you can make from 9v batteries.

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Step 1: Snap Button

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If you need a snap button, but you don't have one, look into your battery bin.

I wanted to add a snap button to a fake leather sleeve.

I opened a 9v battery to remove the connector.

Step 2: Snap Button

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I drilled 4 holes in the plastic and cut it in half.

Step 3: Snap Button

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I sewed the battery connector buttons to the sleeve.

Free snap buttons from an old 9v battery

Step 4: Battery Connector

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If you need a battery connector, but you don't feel like going to the shop, you can make one.

Remove the connector from an old battery and solder 2 cables to it.

Step 5: Key Holder

Picture of Key Holder

You will need a few 9v batteries.

I used a piece of decorative stone to glue 3 battery connectors on top.

Step 6: Key Holder

Picture of Key Holder

I also glued 2 connectors together

Step 7: Key Holder

Picture of Key Holder

When the glue was dry, I drilled a hole in the connector and attached it to the keys.

As you can see, I made another one for my car keys.

Step 8: Key Holder

Picture of Key Holder

Now we have a fancy key holder.

You can also put keys on top of each other.

You can go one step further and make a battery coat hanger.

It's better not to use a real battery as they tend to leak.

You don't want the acid to end up on your clothes or skin.

Open the battery, fill it with something and put it back together.


MotorVator (author)2016-11-25

Put two 9 Volt batteries together to make a nice hand warmer. It works well.

jackie9toes (author)2015-12-29


doo da do (author)jackie9toes2016-04-26

the small pill bottles 3 aaa batteries, or 2 AA , for travel use one for quarters, one for Q tips, one for toothpicks., other small things, most are water proof

RMC46835 (author)2016-03-13

Interesting ideas, thanks for posting.

Buso (author)2015-12-29

What kind of glue will hold up to the stress of pulling on these key rings?

ShakeTheFuture (author)Buso2015-12-30

I used epoxy glue.

AuntyLou (author)2015-12-29

Nice looking projects.

ChuckieBob58 (author)2015-10-05

Cute ideas, but NEVER- EVER EVER mix old 9v batteries together in a bag or a box without insulating the electrodes! It's a good way to start a bad fire! Even if there's a little charge left there can be enough to heat up. House fires start that way.

dvigatel (author)ChuckieBob582015-12-27

Back in 1970s, electronics kits were sold with cubes containing components and jumpers. By placing these cubes into base so that contact pads on their sides interconnected, one could quickly build simple circuits. Kits were powered by 9V batteries held inside base, and instruction manual said that by building a wrong circuit that short circuits the battery, it is possible to quickly drain it. No mention of fire or even overheat. That's because 9V batteries were only carbon zinc in 1970s. The only way to start a fire with such a battery was using steel wool, and even that not always helped. Nowadays they are alkaline, and some are even lithium. These are much more dangerous. They can catch fire themselves when shorted, and steel wool is not necessary.

Thanks for the suggestion.

judybwest (author)2015-11-13

I think these are neat is just amazing how some people can just look at something and find different ways to use them!!! ;)

skiprlg (author)2015-10-09

Very clever

tdriver301 (author)skiprlg2015-10-25

This one sounds useful

prettyfaith (author)2015-10-08

awesome.. never thought of this..

bhermance (author)2015-10-07

clever ideas

readytolearn (author)2015-10-07

love the key holder i'm gonna try this out !

Pilgrimm (author)2015-10-01

You can buy those 2-part snaps at the fabric supplies store for about $2.50 per 10 sets. That would obviate the necessity of opening a battery, and exposing its' toxic, heavy-metal contents to the environment, rather than recycling that battery properly as you are probably aware you should. Is that nice enough?

Belfrey (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-05

A typical 9V alkaline battery has inside... six 1.5-volt LR61 cylindrical cells in series. You can "upcycle" the connectors or casing and still recycle the cells, no big whoop.

Pilgrimm (author)Belfrey2015-10-06

Thanks for letting me know. See? I learn something new every day!

miked2001 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-05

What heave metals?? Please tell me the chemistry of a 9 volt alkaline battery.

Are 9 volt batteries sealed?? With what material?

When you toss them don't the toxins get exposed anyway after the steal case rusts??

Pilgrimm (author)miked20012015-10-05

As far as I am aware, 9V 'Alkaline' batteries are:
1- Sealed only with a crimp. As they age (many years) they swell, and can release cadmium and other nasty stuff. Cadmium is what used to be used to plate auto parts, and imparted a 'golden' sort of mottled finish. Then they found out it was toxic, carcinogenic, and stopped using it.
2- When properly recycled, they are incinerated at very high temps so the contents are destroyed, without polluting the atmosphere.
That is, as far as I am aware! I may be wrong, but its enough of a caveat to keep me from peeling them open... Look at Wiki and google for more info...

JamesD96 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-06

Im pretty sure cadmium is a soft metal that is used in the nickel-cadmium batteries. Still used today in them, found in food tobacco products and vehicle coating for protection from salt water. I handle nicad batteries and the electrolyte inside of it. Its not some poison by-product that oozes out of batteries

nwonharp (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-01

Read my other post

Cheers !

Pilgrimm (author)nwonharp2015-10-02

I think it a personal responsibility to discover, at some point, something about what kind of chemistry is inside what I buy and take into my home. For instance, I live in the country, and insects in the home are a problem, and I'm phobic, to boot. So I did some research and discovered Diatomaceaous Earth. (Look it up!) No more Permethrin sprays, no bugs, and my sinuses, and my cat are very happy, Thank You! This just to say that if you insist on taking batteries apart, and handling the heavy-metal contents, that's your business. Don't look to "Ibles" for a solution to why your hair is falling out, or your intestines are bleeding... Don't fob off and say that you're not responsible for what other people do. We are living in a global community now. You'd better learn that, before someone with a prayer rug decides to move into your neighborhood, and experiment with batteries, binary chemicals, etc. One mistake on HIS part, and the house next door blows up, killing you and your family. Think you can live with that? However, batteries need to be recycled... ALL batteries. Recycling centers don't just "dump" the alkalines. They separate them, and incinerate them at much higher temperatures, to destroy the contents and keep fumes and smoke hazards inside the scrubbers on the furnaces. Sorry to be so long here... But I sit and watch the madness happening all around the world, and we need to be proactive, and informed! Thank you for reading my thoughts!

Bernie_R (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-06

A reply to all: Instructables is for fun. It is for us twisted genius types. It is not an area where bomb makers and such twits will visit to learn something. They have already failed that part of life! Many ideas would not lend to mass production but for us it is entertaining and it does not matter if you can buy from Walmart. I live in the country in Chile. No Walmart.

Keep Smiling


josephp2 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-02

how can you have so much to say without making any sense what so ever it must take great skill to string so many words together without making a understandable point

Pilgrimm (author)josephp22015-10-04

You have me confused with most politicians. Sorry you didn't get my point.

josephp2 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-06

well thats because you talk like one throw out some big words and speak of danger it dosent have to make sense just scare the stupid people

akdoggie99 (author)josephp22015-10-03

He speaks and types in Palinise. It's become a new language since 2008.

nwonharp (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-02

I don't know which of my posts you read , But in one , I tried to explain briefly the chemistry of small primary batteries . Those batteries are not full of nitroglycerin or C4 explosives , or nasty heavy metals . You said " be proactive and informed " , take your own advice and look these things up ( google is your friend ) . I don't think that anyone , regardless of their religious belief ( you mentioned a prayer rug ) , could blow up the neighborhood with a 9volt battery !

Oh yeah , Diatomaceous earth is good stuff ! I have used it for years in my apartment building and other properties that I own . Sometimes a tenant will unintentionally bring bugs with them when they move in , DE gets rid of the bugs !

Cheers , take care , and have a good day ! ....73

EldrJester (author)nwonharp2015-10-05

I have to agree with you on what you said about, ( look this stuff up) however I also believe that everyone should read everything that is printed out before giving their own....
Oh and for the purpose of a good argument I know for a fact that a 9v battery has killed more then a few people or neighborhoods to be destroyed. It's been used in many different types of timers switch explosive devices that our country and several others have used for years and will continue to do so. That's what it means to be informed..... Thank you for your time in reading this! Take care and have many blessings!

nwonharp (author)EldrJester 2015-10-05

Well , yes , I am fairly well informed . There are many many ways to detonate explosives , A person could rig up a timer that that plugs into a wall socket , use a chemical fuse timer , etc ( no batteries ) . Many years ago as a prank I used a cigarette as a time fuse to set off a pack of firecrackers ( light the cigarette ,poke a hole near the filter end and insert the fuse , a few minutes later when the cigarette burned down , the firecrackers would go off ! )

And there are many many items that could be used to make a bomb . Fertilizer and diesel fuel were used in Oklahoma City . Maybe we should ban pressure cookers , the Boston marathon bombers used them . If some nutcase wants to blow something up , they will find a way .

Perhaps I should have been a little more specific so that EVERYONE could understand what I was saying . We need to focus on the topic at hand . This project has to do with cutting apart DEAD 9volt batteries . There is no danger of explosion by cutting up a 9volt battery . Actually , by removing the snap connector on a battery , it would be pretty much useless to detonate a bomb , or use for anything else .

Cheers , take care , and have a good day !!

RayJN (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-02

I bought a life time supply of food grade Diatomaceaous Earth several years ago

We have an in ground trash can in the front yard. When you pull it out dozen of crickets and roaches. A few ounces of Diatomaceaous Earth-- all gone. You can use a plastic ketchup bottle about a 1/4 full as a duster. It take a little practice to get the right amount

Just be careful not to breath in the dust.

karismarenee (author)RayJN2015-10-03

Hallelujah !!! I have been using DE for a few years now and usually end up leaving clumps instead of a nice gentle 'dusting'. I usually try to reuse / repurpose everything, but the ketchup bottle idea def. gets you a BIG gold star. Now, if only it didn't take me 4 years to finish my small bottle of ketchup ;)

rundmcarlson (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-02

Yes instead of personally reusing components in products we buy (which will otherwise be discarded), lets let fear prevent us from doing anything. Alkaline batteries are not recycled anymore and anyone trying this should be smart enough to use PPE which should always be done with ANY project. Fear and ignorance prevent innovation. If we all followed your rules, nothing would get done. A few simple searches would have shown you that there is nothing wrong with this instructable, and that it can be done perfectly safely if you take proper precautions. Anything done here is elective and a person posting it should not be held responsible if someone else tries it under their own will.

dpickering3 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-02

It's a real stretch to go from a great recycling idea to blowing up neighbors. You lefty earthy folks ought to look into yourselves for the madness!

cneumann2 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-02

DE is awesome...I had an old man show me this stuff years ago....just make sure it's food grade...I use it for everything now days..

Pilgrimm (author)nwonharp2015-10-05

It is apparently impossible to offer a reply without using this link... Apologies. After all the back and forth, I have to agree with you. With all one hears about lithium batteries starting fires, etc., perhaps I got a bit too literal and carried away.
I'm not a real prankster, myself. (Don't like to be pranked - so I don't give people reason to retaliate). But years, many years ago, I was working on a small construction crew in Vermont. There were O2 and acetylene tanks all around. We were building a small flood control damn in northern VT. Lots of rebar welding...So one day, I had a set of clothes hanging in poly bags in the back seat of my car. Took one large bag, tied the ends (after filling the bag with a little oxy, lots of acetylene), rested the balloon in the branches of a (mostly dead) Elm tree. (They were all dying around that time), wrapped the skin of the bag around a lit cigarette, and stepped way, way, back. Took a long time. When it blew (KA_POW!!!!) the tree was completely de-foliated! Poor Elm Tree. Probably all dead by then. The following week, we cut it down for firewood! Gets mighty cold up in Nthn VT!
Cheers! Stay healthy!

nwonharp (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-05

Oh yeah , check out my u-tube videos ( old stuff ) :

Cheers , take care , and have a good day !

nwonharp (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-05

Actually , my " handle " was supposed to be " neonharp " , but I fat-fingered it and did a typo , ( the " w " is right next to the " e " on the keyboard ) , and never tried to go back to fix it . If you want to contact me my email is :

neonharp .

I came up with the name , because I am also a musician , and wrote a song called " neon " which I like to play on the " harp " ( harmonica ) :

I play several other instruments too .

Cheers , take care , and have a GOOD'DAY !

Pilgrimm (author)nwonharp2015-10-03

Hi again,
I'm sure you didn't intend to spark another (ad nauseum, perhaps) response... However. Like Keenan Ivory Wayans wrote in the first scene of the movie "Major Payne," "I ain't killed nobody in at least two weeks!" Certainly not in the time since leaving the armed services! I haven't hunted in about 35 years either. Lost my stomach for it. I eat things that once had parents, just can't kill 'em, clean 'em, etc. But I occasionally carry a concealed firearm for self-protection. (Properly investigated and licensed, of course!) I'm getting on, and had to admit to my MD recently that I'm not as capable as I once was. But I refuse to be an innocent, and unarmed victim, as long as the laws in my state permit. Last thought. Cheers!

Pilgrimm (author)nwonharp2015-10-02

The post I read had comments about taking apart alkaline batteries, etc. I may have been mistaken about the necessity of recycling same these days, but the fact remains that I am becoming highly suspicious of some of the 'ibles I see here. "How to make a sword from scrap iron.", "Make your own blowtorch from a used propane tank" I've just been watching the news about 9 people who were shot to death at a school in Oregon. I don't use prayer rugs myself, and I own firearms, and support the 2nd Amendment. But there are people, disenchanted people, all around us, and that concerns me. Do we really need to show some poor unbalanced person a method for wreaking havoc on innocent people? I think just a bit of restraint is in order. I'm all in favor of freedom, independence, free speech, etc. You're entitled to your opinion, but you're not entitled to blast it at me in destruction of my peace and tranquility. I worked a lot of years, paid a lot of taxes, and stomped a lot of bugs. Now I'd like to enjoy some peace, freedom (freedom from bugs too), and tranquility before I take up my allotted 6 feet of earth. DE is great. A 4-pound bag of food grade DE and some plastic squeeze bottles, and my cat and I are (mostly) bug-free. Cheers, my friend. Thanks for your polite reply!

smoke king (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-03


nwonharp (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-03


I support gun rights too , when I was 10 years old , I had a .22cal. semiautomatic rifle that I had a lot of fun with . Although I don't have any guns right now . I quit hunting many years ago , and let my brother have my guns . As far as instructibles on how to make a sword or a blowtorch or anything else , a person could go out and buy those things , ( or steal them ) , if they were so inclined , without taking time to learn something ! It's not what you have , but how you use it ! You yourself said that you own firearms , just a silly question here , but How many people have you killed with them ? Excuse me for now , I have to go tear some batteries apart !

Cheers , take care , and have a good day !!.....73

miked2001 (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-05

What heave metals?? Please tell me the chemistry of a 9 volt alkaline battery.

Are 9 volt batteries sealed?? With what material?

When you toss them don't the toxins get exposed anyway after the steal case rusts??

ElZorro (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-04

I think you mean "negate" not "obviate."
Which is the exact opposite. And exposes us all to toxic misuse of the English language.
Is that nice enough?

Pilgrimm (author)ElZorro2015-10-04

Thanks for your correction... Glad it doesn't happen often.... Cheers!

fakemattkelly (author)Pilgrimm2015-10-01

He could still recycle the battery parts -- why assume he's just tossing them?

Also, fabric stores aren't necessarily as common as you might think. At least in my area.

brentl6 (author)fakemattkelly2015-10-02

How about walmart or other normal department stores they have snaps for even cheaper.

monkm (author)fakemattkelly2015-10-01

At the beginning of the video he states: "Don't throw them away just yet". He doesn't say: "Don't take them to a recycling location just yet".

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