Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Aerosol Cans

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If you have empty aerosol cans lying around, don't throw them away just yet.

They can be used to make a few useful things.

In this Instructable, I demonstrate 3 ways you can upcycle empty aerosol spray cans.

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Step 1: Pulley

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Before cutting open an aerosol can, make sure it's empty. It's a good idea to puncture a hole before cutting the can with tools that could create a spark.

Step 2: Pulley

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I cut off the top from 2 cans. Cordless drill was used to spin the disk, so it's easier to sand it.

Step 3: Pulley

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I removed spring, stem and the plastic that was holding them.

Step 4: Pulley

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I glued both disks together and used bolt&nut as a clamp.

Step 5: Pulley

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I made the hole bigger

Step 6: Pulley

Picture of Pulley

I bent and "L" shape bracket into a "U" shape

Step 7: Pulley

Picture of Pulley

I cut a bolt to size

Step 8: Pulley

Picture of Pulley

I used 2 nuts to attach the bolt to the wheel.

I used acorn nuts for ends of the bolt.

To make sure nuts don't get loose, I applied some glue.

Step 9: Pulley

Picture of Pulley

That's it!

Our light duty pulley is ready.

Step 10: Handle

Picture of Handle

I cut off top and the bottom from the can.

Step 11: Handle

Picture of Handle

I glued a nut to the top disk.

Step 12: Handle

Picture of Handle

Then I glued both disks together.

We have made a simple handle.

Step 13: Spinning Toy

Picture of Spinning Toy

I cut off top and the bottom from a can

Step 14: Spinning Toy

Picture of Spinning Toy

Then I glued the stem (stem from pulley's can) to one of the disks.

And last, I glued both disks together.

That's it!

We have made a simple spinning toy.

It can spin for more than 2 minutes.


Rosa funibus (author)2017-03-31

Me encantó!!, Gracias por enseñarnos

thepoisonivy (author)2017-03-29

I love all of these. From practical to fun; all great ways to re-purpose one of the worst landfill offenders there is. I'm making that pulley ASAP. Thanks for sharing.

CherylB102 (author)2017-03-28

I like this. How many times have I wanted a pulley and not had one, then when at the store, I forget again.

Thank You!

DarrenO2 (author)2017-03-28

I think the spinning top would have spun even longer if it had not hit the wood edge.

ShakeTheFuture (author)DarrenO22017-03-29

Yes, it would.

It wsa hard to make it spin without hitting the wood at some point.

DarrenO2 (author)2017-03-28

Man, where do you come up with these ideas? They are awesome. But i have never seen anyone cut a can with scissors. I normally use a hacksaw. But this helps me to see it "can" be done. Thanks for sharing your imagination.

ShakeTheFuture (author)DarrenO22017-03-29

Ha, ha..Thanks :)

I do have metal cutting scissors, but they don't cut too good.

Marcela InesP (author)2017-03-26

it's excelent


BrothrBob (author)2017-03-26

The Pulley was my favorite.

ShakeTheFuture (author)BrothrBob2017-03-27

Good to know.

It was also my favorite.

NancyM225 (author)2017-03-26

Loved it.

ShakeTheFuture (author)NancyM2252017-03-27

I am glad you did!


lbrewer42 (author)2017-03-26

Great way to recycle!

ShakeTheFuture (author)lbrewer422017-03-27


BeachsideHank (author)2017-03-26

One enterprising vise restorer used an aerosol can bottom for a replacement dust cap on his iconic Wilton "torpedo" vise.

This image is just for illustration, it is not the subject end cap, but the resourcefulness and reuse aspect must be admired I think. ☺



Aaaecm (author)2017-03-26

Waste not want not. I'll be making a bunch of the pulleys. Very useful for camping in bear country. Thank you for posting this!

Your creativity is inspiring.

ShakeTheFuture (author)Aaaecm2017-03-27

Thank You!

Shep4u (author)2017-03-27

Like the pulley, would be good for some lightweight industrial style ighting fixtures.

ShakeTheFuture (author)Shep4u2017-03-27

Thank You!

Mihsin (author)2017-03-27

I made night reading fixture 20 years ago, and spirit stoves. Will do tops as you suggested. Thanks for the inspiration.

ShakeTheFuture (author)Mihsin2017-03-27


mrsmerwin (author)2017-03-24

I would have been afraid to puncture the can. I thought they exploded if you did that.

mach1950 (author)mrsmerwin2017-03-24

No, that's just the suppliers being over-cautious, like warning you not to use your microwave to dry the baby. Ensure the contents have all gone and don't puncture near an open flame or with a grinder, and then your biggest risk is sharp edges. :0)

Yonatan24 (author)mach19502017-03-25

Or the sharp sign:

Extremely dangerous too! :)

mrsmerwin (author)mach19502017-03-24

The ipod shuffle tells you not to eat the ipod shuffle. Thanks. I will try opening a can sometime.

wkwilley2 (author)mrsmerwin2017-03-24

Shuffles would be an expensive treat, and they don't even have the apple flavor figured out.

mach1950 (author)2017-03-24

Great re-use/re-purpose instructable!

ShakeTheFuture (author)mach19502017-03-24

Thank You!

I really appreaciate your feedback.

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