3 Things You Can Make From Pencil Sharpeners & Pegs





Introduction: 3 Things You Can Make From Pencil Sharpeners & Pegs

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Some time ago, I bought a packet of 8 pencil sharpeners. I could have bought a packet of 2 or 4, but the price was almost the same. (8 x Sharpeners for €0.75/$0.82)

I was ready to pay a few cents more for a packet of 8 as pencil sharpeners have blades that can be used for various DIY projects.

If you have extra pencil sharpeners lying around, perhaps you can use them to make another tool.

I also used wooden pegs/clothespins for this project.

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Step 1: Cable/Wire Stripper

I took off the blade and attached it to a wooden peg/clothespin.

Now your peg can strip wires/cables.

Step 2: Stencil Knife

I removed the blade and took apart the peg.

Step 3: Stencil Knife

I glued the blade between the wooden pieces.

We have made a small stencil knife.

Step 4: Scraper

After removing the blade and taking apart the peg, I made a cut in the wooden piece.

Then I applied some glue to the blade and put it in the cut.

We have made a small scraper.

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I was intrigued by the title, since I didn't know what you meant by "pegs." These are clothes pins in my part of the U.S. Great ideas for little things that are normally considered good for only one use.

Very nice idea, may make one to try it out.

This is so AWESOME. I work with a lot of wiring so this,is perfectò.

Good ideas, especially the cable stripper, BUT.... in Step 4, photo in upper right, Put both hands on the little blade and push it into the wood. DO NOT CUT TOWARD YOUR FINGER!

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SImply brilliant! The wire cutter one is super great

Lovely little thoughts