Some time ago, I bought a packet of 8 pencil sharpeners. I could have bought a packet of 2 or 4, but the price was almost the same. (8 x Sharpeners for €0.75/$0.82)

I was ready to pay a few cents more for a packet of 8 as pencil sharpeners have blades that can be used for various DIY projects.

If you have extra pencil sharpeners lying around, perhaps you can use them to make another tool.

I also used wooden pegs/clothespins for this project.

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Step 1: Cable/Wire Stripper

I took off the blade and attached it to a wooden peg/clothespin.

Now your peg can strip wires/cables.

Step 2: Stencil Knife

I removed the blade and took apart the peg.

Step 3: Stencil Knife

I glued the blade between the wooden pieces.

We have made a small stencil knife.

Step 4: Scraper

After removing the blade and taking apart the peg, I made a cut in the wooden piece.

Then I applied some glue to the blade and put it in the cut.

We have made a small scraper.

<p>Simple practical tools are the most useful tools as they actually solve a problem. Your tool is simply great. It solved my problem of getting clean cuts which, are not possible with normal pliers type stripper and cutter. It cuts through the inner wires along with the outer sheath.</p><p>I would like to add a small word of caution. <b style="">That is to avoid putting your finger between the modified clip.</b> The blade might cause injury.</p><p>Thank you, for sharing.</p>
<p>Great idea! I found adding a little CA glue really helped keep the blade in place.<br>It's in my toolbox as an emergency cutter, if I ever can't find my normal ones!</p>
<p>I was intrigued by the title, since I didn't know what you meant by &quot;pegs.&quot; These are clothes pins in my part of the U.S. Great ideas for little things that are normally considered good for only one use.</p>
<p>Ingenious :) </p>
<p>Very nice idea, may make one to try it out.</p>
<p>This is so AWESOME. I work with a lot of wiring so this,is perfect&ograve;.</p>
<p>Just GENIUS!!! </p>
<p>very nice</p>
<p>Good ideas, especially the cable stripper, BUT.... in Step 4, photo in upper right, Put both hands on the little blade and push it into the wood. DO NOT CUT TOWARD YOUR FINGER! </p>
<p>&quot;simion says&quot; correctly </p>
<p>&quot;simion says&quot; correctly </p>
<p>SImply brilliant! The wire cutter one is super great</p>
<p>Lovely little thoughts </p>
<p>nice recycling (y)</p>
<p>very intresting ways to use a clotespin.</p>
<p>Thank You!</p>
<p>Very Ingenues </p>
<p>very nice</p>
<p>The last one was so cute.</p>
<p>Thank You!</p>
<p>The wire stripper is prfect!!</p>
<p>Nice, clever ideas! hmm, i wonder how razor-blade would work in stencil working? i heard it dulls easy, dunno for sure though</p>
<p>I guess there is only one way to find out :)</p>
<p>hehe, that's very true! i have in fact one ''dull'' razor i'm about to toss (take apart, i almost never toss anything away....)</p>
<p>Great ideas, thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Neat. Thank you.</p>
<p>coooooool man!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>A BIG Thanks for thing of this and sharing it with us!</p>
<p>Thank You!</p>
A forth option would be to get an extra blade and make a set of scissors, do you think that's an option?
<p>Maybe it could work. Those would be micro scissors :)</p>
<p>Creative O_O</p>
<p>The wire stripper works well, perfect pressure not to cut the wire!</p>
<p>Thank You!</p>
<p>GREAT Idea !!!</p>
<p>Like the wire stripper - do a lot of CAT5e cabling and this would probably work as well as the pukka gear, apart from crimping the plugs. You could afford to have as many as you wanted, all set up for different cables.</p><p>As a kid, as well as cotton reel &quot;tanks&quot;, stretching a rubber band right round the peg and pulling a matchstick back, doubled up as a matchsick gun.</p><p>Primed super glue would stick the blade quit well. Other sources of blades are disposable razor blades.</p>
<p>I also use it for cat5 cables, works great!</p><p>Cheers!</p>
great wire stripper idea, simple, household item up-use done well, always cool<br>
<p>Thank You!</p>
<p>hi!<br>wow! great idea!<br>thanks for sharring</p>
<p>The wire stripper is aces.</p>

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